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 "Custom Drift boat repair and restoration shop . Minor to Major repairs ,  Fiberglass and wood Drift boats only . Chine & bottom damage repair /  resprays , clean up & buff out detailing . Complete restoration  available. Accessories , anchor systems ,seats , oar locks &  hardware . Trailer services available , lights, wiring , bunk work,  minor welding , wheel bearing service. Shrinkwraping & storage this  fall/winter. By appointment only."     
Our goal is to provide you with  outstanding craftsmanship at a realistic price. We specialize in  fiberglass and wood drift boats only. We take pride in every repair we  do and want our customers to have a pleasant and stress free experience  when it comes to getting their drift boat repaired at a price that will  not break the bank.   We also can take care of those troublesome trailer  woes as well. So contact us today and we can help get you and your boat  back on the water.


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Bruce has been doing fiberglass repair  since he wrecked his 59' corvette in 1969. He has since then repaired  pretty much anything and everything to do with fiberglass from motor  homes, semi trucks, snowmobiles, race cars, powerboats, and of course  Drift Boats. He also restored the gelcoat in  the  swimming pool in Romney Hall at MSU twenty some years ago. Bruce  was the lead fiberglass builder for Osprey and Yellowstone  Driftboats. He has built over 300 drift boats and repaired countless  others. These are only some of the numerous notable projects he has  worked on over the years.

Rhonda has been apprenticing  under the supervision of Bruce and is becoming a top hand.  Rhonda is the point of contact because Bruce is crabby and does not like to talk to anybody.



Boat Wizard and Lead Repair



Wizards Apprentice  and Contact Person

The trailer with this boat was cut down and redone.


 As little or as much as you want, you decide! 


Chines/Bottom Jobs

  Dings, scratches, chips, to complete wear through. You got it we will fix it. 


Respray Gel Coat

 Inside and out, we have full color charts for you to choose from. 


Buff and Polish


We will clean up your drift boat  and help bring back that shine in your gel coat.



Trailer woes.

 From axle to hubs, taillights, wiring, winch, bowstop, coupler, safety chains, bunks and carpets.  

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DIERKS Anchoring Systems


 For years boat company retailers and boating  enthusiasts have relied on DIERKS  anchoring systems, cleats and eyelets as the industry standard for  excellence. The rivers and bays of the Northwest and across the U.S.  have challenged us to make DIERKS the best anchoring systems made. Langes Production Specialties cast their products from machined steel  molds using  aluminum ingot. Parts are then machined and welded for  maximum strength and specifications. 

 Langes Production Specialties
                    703 Lawnsdale Road
                    Medford, Oregon 97504 

Green Anchors


Environmentally Friendly Raft and Drift Boat Anchors. Green-Anchors are raw steel on the outside. Any paint, powder-cote or  bed liner will chip & wear off over time.  Iron is a natural, non-toxic element.  Green-Anchors will develop a light surface rust and become almost  invisible on a rocky bottom .

 MADE IN MONTANA USA  Storms Welding  216 Cooper Loop  Hamilton, MT 59840  4greenanchors@gmail.com http://www.Green-Anchors.com  

Sawyer Paddles and Oars


 Sawyer oars have been coveted and cherished by rafters and drift boaters alike for over 50 years. Sawyer Oars have a feel and response like no other.

 Sawyer Paddles & Oars
PO Box 389
Gold Hill, OR 97525 

   No matter the problem, we have the solution for all your wood or fiberglass drift boat repairs.  We are confident we are the best custom boat repair and restoration  company in the  Valley. Bring us your project today and we will  get her back on the water and you back on the oars. 

There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.

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